If there ever were a shrine to the wonders of modern architecture and city life, Hong Kong would be it. The massive sky scrapers stretch upwards, dwarfing those on street level. In many ways, Hong Kong is the emblematic urban city - the street food, the multiculturalism, the meeting of many extremes. Yet it's the sheer density that truly sets it apart, that affords anyone in its premises a feeling of anonymity yet familiarity as we walk its sidewalks or ascend in its elevators. 

Hong Kong was built as an urban utopia, with the promise of a better life. Despite thousands of years of evolution in small villages and communities, it aimed to transform human nature with architecture - floating stories into the clouds, stacked on top of one another rather than gathered around a watering hole or town square. Yet it remains daunting to the outside eye. It is a city that is at once comfortable and daunting - of the density of the city. It intimidates. And yet, there is a familiarity when we observe these communities from afar.

With this series, I wanted to capture this feeling - at once familiar as we enter these peoples' homes and communities - yet remaining respectful of the ambitious architectural aims that these buildings set out to achieve. To the ideal urban quality of life for all. And as we see still see them, they remain shrouded in a mystique behind the thousands of windows, lit up like peep holes into jewelry box homes each night - illuminating the lives of those inside.